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News and Announcements

September 11 Memorial Candlelight Service

Upcoming Downtown Summer Events


From the Desk of  Councilman George Schnurr,  Liaison to the Freehold Public Library . . . .
Please click here to view the Library’s Summer Newsletter.

Thank you.
George Schnurr
Freehold Borough Councilman

From the desk of Councilman Ronald Griffiths, Council Liaison to the Human Relations Committee. . . .

The Human Relations Committee is currently seeking new members to join the committee, as well as becoming volunteers to assist in various events and projects in the Borough.  Please see the attached flyer for complete information. Thank you.

HOUSING REHABILITATION: Freehold Borough’s Housing Rehabilitation Program is currently accepting applications from qualified homeowners or investor/owners of rental properties who wish to make improvements to their property in order to bring it up to Code compliance. Click here for more information.


New Jersey Law Enforcement Examination (LEE).
Click HERE for information.


Advisories and Alerts

Help Your Community Exercise Their Right to Vote!



Important Phone Numbers:
            Jersey Central Power & Light        888 544 4877
            New Jersey Natural Gas                 800 221 0052
            Freehold Police Department           732 462 1233
            Emergency                                       911
            Freehold First Aid Squad                 911

Read more about Public Safety Tips and Around your home and yard

Call before you dig

FirstEnergy Storm Center

TICK IDENTIFICATION & TESTING PROGRAM The Monmouth County Mosquito Commission currently provides   tick identification and testing at their Tinton Falls location for County residents who have received a tick bite.  The identification service is free, but there is a $25.00 fee for testing the tick for the organism which causes Lime disease.  For more information, please log on to the website

MOSQUITO CONTROL In order to control the mosquito population in our area, the County will be conducting aerial spraying of pesticides on an “as needed” basis starting June 1 through November 30th.  Residents may request that they be notified 12 hours prior to the scheduled application.  Please log on to the County website at www.visitmonmoouth/ for more information.


Borough Meetings and events for the next 30 days


Roads and Borough Projects


Traffic Alert:  Mechanic St. will be closed today for repairs from the Market Yard entrance to Hudson St.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.








A new water meter replacement program is currently underway in Freehold Borough
Please click on the hydrant on the left for more information.