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Important Phone Numbers:
            Jersey Central Power & Light        888 544 4877
            New Jersey Natural Gas                 800 221 2051
            Freehold Police Department           732 462 1233
            Emergency                                        911
            Freehold First Aid Squad                 911

Public Safety Notes . . .

Please make every effort to remove your vehicle(s) from the road in order to give the snowplows an opportunity to clear as much snow as possible.

For residential properties, the sidewalks must be cleared of ice and snow within 24 hours after the snowfall has ended.   For non-residential properties, the sidewalks must be cleared within 12 hours after the snowfall has ended.

When streets are snow covered, vehicles may not be parked on any major road in Freehold Borough until the snow has stopped falling, and the streets have been plowed to the extent that parking will not interfere with the regular flow of traffic.

Do not deposit ice or snow in the roadways.

For your personal health and safety  . . .

Be sure all cell phones are fully charged.

Keep an emergency supply of water and nonperishable food items on hand, as well as any prescriptions and medications you may need.

Include a flashlight, portable radio, extra batteries, blankets and a first aid kit in your emergency supplies.

Check on elderly family members and neighbors frequently.

If it necessary for you to leave your home during a snowstorm, be sure a family member or friend knows how to contact you in an emergency.

Remember to provide food, water, and any medications necessary for your pets.

Around your home and yard. . .

Residents are asked to clear all snow away from any fire hydrants which are located near their homes and businesses.  In this way, firefighters will be able to locate the hydrants more quickly in the event of a fire.

Basketball hoops, soccer nets, and any other equipment or debris which has been placed in the roadway must be removed from the street in order for the snowplows to clear the roads.

Please be sure the storm drains near your property are cleared of leaves and debris in order to allow for proper drainage as the ice and snow melt.

Be sure your oil tank is full, and have portable generators, flashlights and lanterns ready to use.

If you do not want to be “plowed in” after you shovel your driveway, please follow the New Jersey  DOT  instructions attached.