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Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Save up to 30% on your energy bills!

Receive up to $19,000 in rebates and financing to
make your home more energy efficient.

The SAVEGREEN Project® from New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) provides rebates and financing to make upgrading to high efficiency HVAC and water heating equipment more affordable.

  • Learn more about this program, including how to schedule a home energy analysis for only $49!
  • Plus, special incentives are available for moderate-income customers.

Start saving with four easy steps

STEP 1: $49 home energy analysis
A certified NJNG auditor will identify efficiency opportunities, plus receive a no-cost energy efficiency kit with LEDs and additional low-cost energy-efficiency measures.
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STEP 2: Get price estimates for your project
Following your energy analysis, NJNG can post your results (with your permission) to its contractor portal where up to three contractors will provide estimates to complete your energy-efficiency project.

STEP 3: Select a contractor and start your project
Use competitive bids to select your preferred contractor.


STEP 4: Get money back!
Take advantage of up to $4,000 in rebates and up to $15,000 in financing, including a 0% APR option, to fund your project.
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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) helps homeowners identify potential updated in their homes to reduce energy costs and lower our community’s carbon footprint. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) offers up to $4,000 in rebates and zero- or low-interest loans towards energy efficiency upgrades through HPwES.

Complete information about the HPwES program and all NJCEP incentives for residents, including special incentives designed for low-income residents, can be found at

Why home energy efficiency is so important




Learn more about the special energy-efficiency programs available to qualifying customers:

Energy Assistance Help Special Incentives for moderate-income customers 
  • Free home energy improvement and education for qualified low-income households.
  • Installation of no cost energy efficiency measures.
  • Renters eligible to install energy saving measures with landlord approval.

Click here for more information eligibility, and the range of measures included in this program.

Call NJNG to learn more about applying:
877-455-NJNG (6564)

  • Enhanced rebates and incentives, including 0% APR financing and On-Bill Repayment Program options.
  • Possibility for no up-front costs for equipment upgrades.
  • Families of four earning up to $123,430 a year may qualify.
  • No cost home energy analysis to identify more energy savings.

Click here for more information on eligibility, and the range of measures included in this program.

Call NJNG to learn more about this program:
877-455-NJNG (6564)



The first step to participate in the HPwES program is to have a home energy analysis performed by a HPwES Building Performance Institute (BPI) GoldStar certified auditor. This home energy analysis will include a health and safety check for carbon monoxide levels, moisture issues, and indoor air quality problems.

Freehold residents are eligible to receive this home energy analysis through The SAVEGREEN Project from NJNG. For just $49 (a $400 value), an NJNG BPI certified auditor will conduct an in-depth energy analysis to help identify opportunities to reduce your energy costs. Plus, NJNG will include low-cost energy-efficiency measures including LED bulbs. 


You will receive a detailed written report that prioritizes and identifies energy-conserving fixes, with recommendations on how to proceed after inspecting for comfort issues, air sealing opportunities, insulation levels, heating system efficiency, cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, and hot water system efficiency.


NJCEP recommends that residents use the home energy analysis to get price estimates from three different BPI GoldStar contractors. NJCEP has a full list of participating contractors through its Trade Ally tool.

If you prefer, following your audit, NJNG (with your permission) will post your audit on its contractor portal where up to three contractors will have the opportunity to provide you with an estimate.  





After reviewing the three price estimates, the homeowner selects a contractor and a scope of work. Each price estimate may not include the same recommended measures in the scope of work proposal. Contractors have specialties that may affect their recommendations. For example, a contractor specializing in HVAC will likely suggest changes to the HVAC system. Homeowners should expect to see some variation in the recommended measures between contractors.

HPwES projects include mandatory measures and optional measures. All projects must install air sealing, add to existing attic insulation if current insulation levels are below seven inches, and address health and safety issues such as mold, asbestos, and electrical issues. Optional measures include insulation upgrades, duct sealing, duct insulation, and water heater measures as well as additional measures from the eligible measures list, such as heating and cooling. The full list of eligible measures can be found at NJCleanEnergy.coGet m/HP.

While some of the energy saving measures are required to receive HPwES incentives, residents are not required to do all the work recommended in the home energy analysis report. Talk to the BPI GoldStar contractor about adjusting the proposed scope of work to fit your budget and your priorities.

You can ask the contractor to itemize the pricing by measure and explain which measures are required. Contractors should be able to advise you about which of the optional measures have the highest return on investment. The amount of incentives is determined by the estimated total energy savings. See the full chart of NJCEP Benefits and Incentives.

If you wish to move forward on a proposal from a participating BPI GoldStar contractor that did not do the initial home energy assessment, that contractor must perform their own home energy assessment before work begins. BPI GoldStar contractors will often do this second home energy assessment for free, since the resident has already indicated interest in moving forward on the project.

Fund your home energy upgrade with up to $4,000 in rebates from NJCEP and up to $15,000 in financing from NJNG, including a $10,000 0% APR On-Bill Repayment option. Learn more about these financing options through the SAVEGREEN website.


  • Check out the NJNG Marketplace for free or low-cost energy efficiency products ranging from smart thermostats to LEDs, and more.
  • Struggling to pay your energy bills? Click here to learn more about the support available to you from NJNG.