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Freehold Borough Parking Fact Sheet

Why are we implementing paid parking?

a. The Borough has been talking about establishing a paid parking program for over five years. A recognized parking consultant was hired, & he recommended that the Borough establish a Parking Management System to make the best use of our limited parking assets.
b. Downtown Freehold has become a destination for people seeking to enjoy a night out with fine dining & entertainment; people want to come here. The Borough’s limited parking options are in high demand. Businesses have reported people coming to town, being unable to find parking & canceling reservations.
c. The Borough has a limited amount of parking spaces in the areas where people want to be. These spaces are in the traditional form of surface parking. These Borough-owned lots require continuous maintenance including paving & pothole repair, painting, signage, litter & snow removal, landscaping, weed control, lighting, liability insurance & public safety patrols. All this costs money & the expense is borne by the Freehold taxpayer even though the service (public parking) is often used by people who come from outside the Borough. By establishing a Parking Utility & dedicating the revenue from parking operations exclusively to parking operations, we can relieve the Freehold Taxpayer from the financial burden of operating & maintaining the Borough’s parking assets. With a parking utility, those who use the parking – including visitors to our town -- pay the cost of providing parking.
d. In addition, the Borough is always looking for ways to expand our parking assets to make it more convenient for people to park downtown. The parking utility will provide funds for future improvements as well as acquisition of additional parking properties & if needed, the construction of a parking deck in the future.

What areas are affected?

a. Paid parking will be established at the following locations:
i. The Market Yard Parking Lot
ii. The McGackin Triangle Parking Lot
iii. The Borough Hall Parking Lot
iv. Certain on street spaces including:
     1. South Street from Main Street to Elm Street 
     2. West Main Street from Court Street to Throckmorton Street
     3. East Main Street from Court Street to Sheriff Street
     4. Court Street from Main Street to Lafayette Place

How much will parking cost?

a. Parking spaces in the above locations will cost $1.00 per hour from 11AM to 5PM & $2.00 per hour from 5PM to 3AM.
b. Payment increments as low as 5 cents will be accepted.

Will there be permit parking for employees & businesses?

a. Permit parking will operate the same as it always has for the rest of 2023. A new permit process will be introduced in January 2024.
b. Businesses will have the ability to validate parking for their customers if they wish.

Will there be time limits on parking?

a. There will be no time limits on parking in the paid lots; you can pay & park as long as you like. b. There will be a 3-hour limit on on-street parking; you can only park for up to three hours.
c. There will be a 3-hour limit in the free lots up until 5 PM.

What about other parking areas & lots?

a. Any lots not listed above including the Commuter Lot (behind the Firehouse) & the Court & Broad Street Lots will remain free with restrictions as posted.
b. On street parking will continue to be available with the three-hour limit. Residents will be able to apply for a residents parking pass which will enable 24-hour parking.
c. The Borough is working to identify & permit additional free, on street parking.

How will people know they have to pay for parking?

a. There will be an initial test period during which only warnings will be issued.
b. Adequate signage will be posted in the areas around the paid parking zones. Parking Pay Stations will be highly visible.
c. Leading up to the launch there will be a public communication process including email blasts, robo calls & social media posts.

How do I pay for parking?

a. There will be parking kiosks installed at strategic locations around town. The kiosks will accept coins & credit & debit cards.
b. There will be an app available for the Apple, Google & Android Platforms. Search for “Flowbird” in your platform’s App Store.
c. You will also be able to pay by text if you don’t use a smartphone.

Is this system set in stone, can you make changes?

a. The system is designed to be flexible to meet the Borough’s needs.
b. Our purpose is to make more parking available during the times of highest demand.
c. We expect the system to evolve & adapt as we get more experience.
d. The system will provide key data & insight into parking trends & allow us to react accordingly.

What is the Borough going to do with the parking proceeds?

a. Initially the funds will be used to upgrade & maintain all of our parking lots. We need to resurface, restripe & repair all of our parking lots. We need improved & more efficient lighting & safety measures.
b. Part of the parking proceeds will go towards enhanced police presence in the parking lots for public safety purposes.
c. Funds will also be used to support the parking operations including landscaping, litter removal, sweeping & snow removal in each of the lots.
d. Surplus funds can be accumulated to support the acquisition of additional property for parking purposes if & when needed.
e. The goal is to have parking operations become self-sufficient & therefore no longer be funded by Borough taxpayers.

What are my options if I don’t want to pay for parking?

a. Borough residents can walk or bike downtown; we will be installing additional bike racks for this purpose at strategic areas downtown.
b. Residents can take advantage of available free parking in the Commuter, Broad Street & Court Street Lots as well as various on-street locations & available county parking lots.
c. Residents can use available ride sharing or taxi services throughout the Borough.

Would you like to know more?

Contact the Parking Utility at: Freehold Borough Parking Utility – [email protected] – 732 462-4200 x 234

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