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Lake Topanemus Restoration Project

Lake Topanemus is a historically active waterbody enjoyed by generations of local and visiting populations. It is a scenic resource, as well as an ecological gem that is actively used for fishing and boating. In the recent past, swimming was also a popular activity. The lake’s poor water quality has degraded its value to the community as all of its historic uses and ecological value have suffered due to watershed urbanization.

The Lake Topanemus Park Commission and the Borough of Freehold have been diligently working together on the Lake Topanemus Restoration Project to make our Lake cleaner and healthier for future generations. The first step in this project consists of proactively pursuing Grants for various projects.

Our first grant: Lake Protection and Watershed Management Plan was granted in August of 2021. Since then a number of studies have been completed: - Mapping and Modeling of the lake. – Watershed Assessment to assess the condition of, look for erosion, invasive species, etc. – A 6-month monitoring period commenced. Monitoring will be boat based, consist of lab sampling of vegetation, plankton, temps, etc.

Our second grant: Lake Topanemus Riparian Buffer Project is in the process of being obtained. The project proposes to restore vegetative riparian buffers while preserving the Lake’s fishing, boating, and viewshed opportunities. Essentially moving to reduce the pollutants harming the lake to create a healthier ecosystem.

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